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We have been in publishing for more than thirty years, 

Our first book was DOING BUSINESS WITH THE USA, endorsed in Forewords by Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldridge and Xerox CEO David Kearns. Widely used not only by businesses but also by the US State Department, it eventually made it into Chinese and Spanish editions. Following were other business guides to countries ranging from Romania to Japan, books about conservation, wildlife and religion.

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Since 2000 we have partnered with the prestigious Washington-based Corporate Council on Africa in the production of an AFRICA YEARBOOK that has become a standard reference for businesses, unversities, libraries, governments and students.

The latest edition to our list of books is THE ULTIMATE SAFARI GUIDE, an updated and largely expanded sequel to SAFARI GUIDE that set the standard for guidebooks on this topic several years ago. 

Our new books are also available in electronic format, both PDF and Kindle, for use on  computers and mobile devices. In this manner we provide our readers not only easy navigation between topics but instant access to additional sources online.

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