Now in its seventeenth edition, this publication, has become a standard reference for libraries, corporations, governments, public and university libraries and anyone else interested in every aspect of this fascinating continent and its 54 nations.  This interactive E-format  book allows users to navigate seamlessly between 420 color pagesillustrated with maps, graphs and pictures, and to connect with additional sources on the Internet. It is available in both PDF and Kindle format. 

CD/PDF: ISBN-13 978-0-916673-50-5 (Review/Buy)

Kindle: ISBN-13 978-0-916673-51-2 (Review/Buy)

A complete guide to safaris in Southern and East Africa. Richly illustrated with maps of national and private parks and outstanding wildlife photographs, It is a how-to, where- to and when-to guide with additional information that makes it a valuable planning guide and safari companion. Get information about Africa, the countries and prime safari destinations and tips on how to prepare and get the most out of the experience. Read about the history of safaris and take along illustrated descriptions of the animals that you are most likely to see. A must for everyone interested in African safaris—both travelers and travel experts and agents.

Print version:  ISBN-13 978-0-916673-38-3 (Review/Buy)
Kindle version: ISBN-13 978-0-916673-39-0 (Review/Buy)

The Third Eye 
This quiz book about the magnificent creatures that share planet earth with us has become a popular travel companion and bathroom and bedtime book for young and old. Richly illustrated, it provides endless entertainment. One major airline has purchased thousands of copies to entertain its passengers on long trips to Africa. The perfect gift for anyone ranging in age 10 to 110, as long as they are interested in learning more about wildlife around the world in a fun way.

Print version: ISBN 0-916673-8-1 (Review/Buy)


Co-authored by Massachusetts-based Worcester Polytechnic Institute professors Arthur Gerstenfeld and Raphael Njoroge with impeccable academic credentials and extensive experience in Africa, this provocative study focuses on the steps needed to help the continent reach its full potential. AFRICA: THE NEXT DECADE is not merely a listing of ailments and suggested cures for a better world but a practical, realistic handbook for all those interested in seeing Africa reach its full potential. Gerstenfeld and Njoroge did not write this book with only the academic world, government and the business sector in mind.  

Print version: ISBN ISBN 0-916673-18-9 (Review/Buy)

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